When medication is required to be given to a child whilst at Hopscotch, staff and parents need to ensure that they follow the nursery procedure.  A senior nursery nurse will ask the parent or guardian of the child to complete the daily ‘permission to administer medicine’ book

with full details of medication to be administered and provide their signature.  A senior nursery nurse will administer the appropriate medication following the instructions given by the parent/guardian in the medicine book.  The senior staff member who administers the medication will need to sign the book and another staff member will need to also sign the medication book as witness that the medication has been correctly administered.

In some instances general permission is given to administer certain medication by parents/guardians and full details of these children and medication can be found inside the medicine cupboard.

An appointed member of staff will be responsible for checking the medicine cupboard monthly, discarding out of date medicines and ordering appropriate first aid supplies.

Sickness policy:  All children and staff should be excluded from the nursery with contagious diseases.  Staff and parents should inform the nursery of any infectious condition and exclusion should be of the appropriate length of time.  In cases of sickness and diarrhoea staff and children should be excluded from nursery, free from symptoms and eating normally for 48 hours before returning to nursery.  Please see the sickness policy for children.  Staff should refer to their contract of employment for full staff policy.